Core visions of TAMCO GROUP are to be a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, which are produced by Thai people, especially comprehensive combine harvesters in Thailand. The company has experience in developing combine harvesters for a long time in order to allow users and farmers to have effective tools in conducting their business operations, earn higher incomes and have stable productivity for better quality of life. 



Core missions of TAMCO GROUP are to continuously emphasize on research and development, innovation in agricultural machinery in order to manufacture combine harvesters that are efficient, modern, practical, generate incomes and return profits to society. 



As combine harvesters are used to harvest paddy, the company’s core value is “RICE”.

R – Responsibility: Responsibilities toward products, society and organization

I– Innovations: The company has continuously engaged in research, development and adopted innovations including modern technology.

C– Customer focus: The company pays attention to the needs of customers in order to meet their requirements the best way that we can.

E– Expertise: Specialize in products and develop knowledge and capacity on an ongoing basis.